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Picasso Album Maker is a powerful photo book design application
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Picasso Album Maker is a photo book making application meant to help you design and print personalized photo books in a rather easy and convenient manner. This tool is in fact part of a more comprehensive service offered by its developer, which includes the actual printing of the designed photo books / photo albums and their delivery to your address. Since it offers no other method of outputting the created photo books (like saving them to local files or printing them using your own hardware), using this application if you’re outside South Africa or if you’re not willing to pay for the resulting album is a rather pointless idea. You could use it to test its capabilities though. It’s impressively comprehensive, allowing you to customize every little aspect of the output photo album. Unfortunately, this also makes it a bit too intricate, especially for the inexperienced users. This application appears easy to use at first, as it starts the photo album creation process with a handy wizard, but then the main window is displayed showing a lot of functions, built-in tools, and options that may confuse beginners.

I like about Picasso Album Maker the fact that it also features a project checking tool that informs you if a project is complete, and suitable for being printed.

To sum it all up, Picasso Album Maker is a great tool to create photo albums and other print products, but it can be used at its full potential only in specific conditions. It’s a tool that I recommend only to South Africans willing to pay a final price for having their printed creation delivered at their address.

Margie Smeer
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  • Very comprehensive and feature-rich
  • Includes handy templates
  • Includes a project checking tool


  • Lacks other outputting alternatives than having the printed creation delivered at your address
  • The interface is crowded and somewhat intricate
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